BorboniQua, a Neapolitan story.

We have gained an experience of about 40 years in the world of clothing and footwear, collaborating with the most important international brands in the sector. Much of this activity has been spent in the promotion and placement of major American, British and French companies in the Italian market. As the experience grew, the desire to produce a clothing and footwear collection totally in Italy was strengthened, in Naples to be promoted and placed in the main international markets.

Thus a brand is born that has a very strong connection with the territory it represents.



It was 1351, when the brotherhood of the Sartori was born in the church of S. Egidio at the market, the Neapolitan taste takes shape, is nourished, refined, reaches its peak when Naples is already the cultural capital of the world. Capital of the Kingdom of the Two Sicilies, socio-economic center of Europe, point of reference in almost all sectors of industry, research and fashion.

BorboniQua is the brand linked to the history of our land. An immense history in which the noble taste of Neapolitan tradition and style reigns in every moment.

The taste that in the tailoring and in the footwear industry is now famous all over the world, is the most admired and sought after, defined over the centuries by dressing the European nobility in an impeccable and creative way so as to become a symbol and expression of good taste. The stories of Neapolitan tailors and shoemakers are intertwined, like the weaves of a fabric, through the centuries and are the stories of many talents who gave life to the Neapolitan style, the stories of the passions that still live in current productions.




With BorboniQua we have chosen to combine and consortium our experience with the craftsmanship of several laboratories of which our territory is rich, to combine the quality of the workers and the important human resources to a strategy of development, research and marketing aimed at expanding international markets.